Pagani Ranch

Sonoma Valley

In 1883, Felice Pagani left his home town of Fenegro, Italy for America.  Two years later, he found himself hard at work, helping farm both Monte Rosso Vineyard, high above the eastern side of Sonoma Valley, and Judge Cook Vineyard, located just to the north on Sonoma Valley’s floor.  Saving everything he could, Felice was soon able to purchase 25 acres of the Judge Cook Vineyard. Sixteen years later, he added an adjacent 30 acre parcel to his holdings to form the Pagani Ranch.

Today, Pagani Ranch is run by Felice's granddaughter, Norma Pagani Amantite, and her son Dino.  There are two very distinct soil types on this ranch.  The original 25 acre portion with the oldest vines planted in 1895 (and the source of most of our fruit) is predominantly Haire clay loam. The adjacent 30 acre parcel, planted in 1922 and the source of our Alicante Bouschet and Muscadelle, is Red Hill clay loam.

Outside of the "banana belt" of Sonoma Valley, this is a relatively cool growing site, resulting in wines of great acidity and structure.

Pagani late winter

Alicante Bouschet vine

Moss covered Zinfandel vine