Our Wines

Full-bodied. Concentrated. Opulent. These are some of the descriptors we often hear applied to our wines. However, we also hear the words elegant, balanced, complex. Yes, through hard work in the vineyard and winery, we believe you can have it all, the best of both worlds. Our approach to winemaking is simple, yet difficult. We prefer to intervene in nature’s process as little as possible. We often rely on uninoculated fermentations and use minimal new oak. We rarely fine or filter. However, we are not dogmatic and will intervene if we feel it results in a higher quality wine while still remaining true to the vintage and the vineyard.

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Current Releases - 2017 Vintage

A very hot year with numerous heat waves. The mother of all heat waves hit September 1st through 2nd with highs near 114F. Zinfandel was particularly hard hit and much crop was lost. Wines are well-balanced but reflect the vintage..