Mancini Ranch

Russian River Valley

Mancini Ranch, planted in 1922 (curiously, right after the start of Prohibition), lies kitty-corner from Papera Ranch at the corner of Piner and Olivet Roads.  Unlike Papera, this vineyard is relatively mixed in its composition with plenty of Carignane, Abouriou, Valdiguié, Alicante Bouschet, Grand Noir, and Petite Sirah.  Colombard, Muscadelle, and Palomino interplanted amongst the reds are picked separately and used for The Derivative.  As is the case with most vineyards in this area, soil is Huichica Loam with a fairly significant amount of clay below the surface. 

For decades, this vineyard slowly declined, with little effort made to replace missing or diseased vines.  But new owner Max Reichwage is making great strides in restoring this vineyard to its former glory, improving both soil and vine health.  The future for these old-vines looks bright!

Old Carignane vine

Bees love Muscadelle