DuPratt Vineyard

Mendocino Ridge

Planted in 1916, this vineyard is so remote and isolated that despite being planted on its own roots (i.e., no rootstock was used), it has suffered no damage from Phylloxera.  In fact, these dry-farmed vines are in such amazing health that the DuPratt selection of Zinfandel is a best seller for many grapevine nurseries and has been included in UCD's Heritage Vineyard.

Only 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean on a southwest facing ridge top at 1600' elevation, the vineyard is surrounded by forest and ancient apple trees.  Deer, bears, cougars, coyotes, wild boars, turkeys, and raptors all roam the area.  Despite it's favorable exposure and perch above the fog line, this is an extremely cool site and often our last fruit of the year.

Snowfall at DuPratt

Early summer, before veraison

Entrance to the vineyard