2016 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

53% Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel, Teldeschi Ranch
32% Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel, Mounts Ranch
15% Dry Creek Valley Petite Sirah, Mounts Ranch

pH: 3.81
T.A.: 5.6 g/L
Alcohol: 15.0%
Cases Produced: 427

Once again, timing was fortuitous in this vintage and we were able to coferment Rich Mounts’ Petite Sirah with Ray Teldeschi’s old-vine Zinfandel.  There’s something about cofermenting these two lots that just works.  Once we blended in Rich Mounts’ Zinfandel the following spring, the final wine consists of 53% Teldeschi Ranch Zinfandel, 32% Mounts Ranch Zinfandel, and 15% Mounts Ranch Petite Sirah.  As usual, bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

Tasting Note:

Medium-dark ruby-red.  A classic nose of dusty, ferrous-laced soil, red berries, and tobacco.  On the palate, delicious flavors of peaches and nectarines mingle with red cherries and earth.  My favorite vintages of this bottling are the ones that exhibit this stone fruit character.  This has it in spades!  Despite being completely dry, the wine finishes with notes of sweet fruit and supple tannin.  Truly top-notch.  Drink 2019 through 2027. (MRO – 01/18/18)

Suggested Retail: $37 - Sold Out
Release Date: April 2018