2013 Sonoma County Petite Sirah

72% Sonoma Valley Petite Sirah, Rossi Ranch
17% Dry Creek Valley Petite Sirah, Del Carlo Ranch
11% Santa Lucia Highlands Syrah, Rosella’s Vineyard

pH: 3.76
T.A.: 5.8 g/L
Alcohol: 15.0%
Cases Produced: 196

I have long been a fan of Petite Sirah, not just as a blending grape but also as a stand-alone.  It’s a great wine for pairing with grilled meats and hearty foods (e.g., a 2” thick Porterhouse steak or slow-cooked braised short ribs) and it can age magnificently.  Some of the most compelling California wines I’ve had have been Petite Sirahs with 30 or more years on them.  Our Sonoma County Petite Sirah is composed mostly of the organically farmed, head-trained Petite at Rossi Ranch with the balance being a bit of Del Carlo Ranch Petite Sirah from Dry Creek and a splash of Rosella’s Syrah from Santa Lucia Highlands.  To fine-tune the mouthfeel, the wine was given a light egg white fining (rest assured, no egg white remains in the wine!) but bottled unfiltered.

Sonoma County Petite Sirah

Tasting Note:

Typical Pet color – opaque black-light purple.  A rich, deep nose of blackberries, blueberries, cream, loamy earth, and lilies.  Quite powerful and captivating.  On the palate, a bowl full of blackberries and cream.  Absolutely delicious.  Are there tannins?  Of course!  This is Petite Sirah!  But the abundant fruit nearly obscures them.  When to drink?  With the appropriate foods, this wine can be enjoyed now.  However, if you prefer your reds with their tannins more fully resolved, I have no doubt that this wine will age splendidly for at least 25 years. (MRO – 07/18/15)

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Release Date: November 2015